Hormonal system is the second part of our control system in the body. Hormonal system communicates via catabolic or anabolic hormones in different hormonal centers. This system also transmits commands from the center to the periphery of our body and back. This way is slower, but more rich and inclusive way of communicating. The company uses written communication. It's like SMS, emails, letters. Headquarters, management communicates to subsystem, body, cells. You must build and produce molecules, then this is the activity of anabolic hormones. Oposite command is breaking up molecules, then it is the activity of catabolic hormones. It is a complex and challenging statements that need more time. It is from 24.5 to 67.5 seconds. These are biochemical processes as actions and reactions to certain hormone.

Application Package 1. and 2. for a particular disease http://www.kardivar.eu/en/24-comprehensive-packages

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